LMX 64 H

Mopedregistrert sykkel
Franskprodusert sykkel med lav egenvekt og ergonomisk ramme gjør en fantastisk sykkel. Bygget for dagelig turer til å fra dine gjøremål med kjøreinnstillinger som passer dagsformen; og kraftig helgesykkel for de lengste råeste turene

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Intropris på LMX64H i Norge

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Alle sykler levert av LMX Norge blir i utgangspungtet registrert som moped og kjøres på vei med AM eller B førerkort. Vi tar hånd om import og leverer sykkel ferdig registrert på deg som kunde med NORSKE skilt. Registreringsprosessen gjøres elektronisk før du mottar sykkel.

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I want to ride without being restrained

Equivalent to a very powerful VAE, the speed bike 45 km/h allows you to savor the urban enduro like off-road sports rides : paths, forests, hills, cobblestones... Everything is material for sensations !

I want the sensations of ultra light trial motorcycle

Its power and lightness make our speed ultra versatile bike : it's a two-wheeler totally versatile!

45 km/t

Topp fart


Nominell kraft (2,500W max)



Use without constraints

Reduced operating and maintenance costs thanks to: no oil change, no air filter or valve set, no injection … Each refill costs € 0.25.

High capacity battery

850 Wh : long autonomy (between 25 and 35 km without pedaling). Removable : quick and easy replacement, to extend your outings or to chain them together.

Ultra accessible

Approved to go up to 45 km/h, the LMX 64H allows a discreet cross-over practice of enduro.

Peerless maneuverability

The lightest freeride speed bike on the market, with a featherweight of 45 kg, offering the sensations of speed of a downhill mountain bike !

Bike rack friendly

Thanks to its lightness and finesse of design, load it easily whatever your vehicle.


Who says electric says absence of engine noise and vibrations: discretion opens up new avenues for you!


No gas emission and 500 charge-discharge cycles of the battery possible, keeping up to 70% of its initial capacity.


Optimization of its power thanks to its central Brushless motor: accelerations equivalent to an 85 cc cross country, 125 cc trial.